About Us

HWWP Organization

HWWP is a non-profit organization designed and focused on providing specially designed homes to seriously wounded veterans of Iraqi and Enduring Freedom. Our organization is military centric with more than 2/3 of our staff being prior military. We understand the sacrifices that service members make.  We take no political stand on any war or conflict that the U.S. is involved with, and understand that when it comes to being patriotic, you can support the troops WITHOUT having to support the war.


All members of the HWWP Program are 100% volunteer and no member takes payment of any kind for their services.  Many members are senior military personnel currently on active duty, reserve, or national guard status. Other members are previous military, state government officials, or are involved in military type organizations.


HWWP supports other important non-profit and military organizations such as the Fuller Center for Housing, Habitat for Humanity, USO, Military One Source, Wounded Warrior Project, American Legion, VFW, Marine Corps League, and many other organizations.


HWWP number one source of continued existence is through the support and assistance of all state and local organizations and businesses. Without your help, HWWP could not operate or provide service to our service members.