Congratulations to the Sons of American Legion, the American Legion, and the Auxilarry of Napannee IN for raising almost $16K so that we can provide a home for a veteran in that Area. The Town Mayor, Mayor Thompson, signed a letter of commitment to support HWWP in our efforts to build in 2013.  We are currently looking for a wounded veteran for this home. To apply, simply fill out the quick application on this website.


Many Americans “say” they support the Troops, but few every go the extra mile to actually get involved with truly taking care of our own.

Hundreds of our American service members who are deployed in support of the War against Terrorism are injured each year. Some will sustain serious injuries that will physically, emotionally, and financially affect their lives, and their family’s lives forever.

Some will be medically discharged at a fraction of their regular income forcing their family into financial burdens and possible hardship. Some will even live at or close to the poverty level.  These real heroes should be able to focus on rehabilitation and recovery, but instead many will take dead end jobs just to provide for their family, meanwhile lessening their chances for a full recovery and a normal way of life.

The Homes for Wounded Warriors Program is dedicated to ensure these courageous American’s have a chance at starting over.